Adhoc Groups

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Large Leisure Groups

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Family Groups



High End Groups

Cost Effective & Tailormade Solution

  • We will help you design a cost effective package as per your budget.

  • Being locals we will guide you with itinerary designing and planning your trip.


24 Hrs Concierge Service

  • We allocate a 24hrs travel coordinator, who is look after your file.


Dining and Cuisines

  • We will provide a good selection of restaurants on board with a wide range of cuisines i.e. Indian Vegetarian  or Jain or Non Vegetarian, Chinese, Thai, Kiwi, Western Steaks * BBQ, Gourmet and many more



  • We will provide you accommodation as per your group profile or request at convenient locations. 

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  • We will suggest you a wide range of available activities as per the route plan and demography of your tour. 


Professional Guide &


Luxury Coaches

  • Our coaches provide transportation to all locations across New Zealand & Australia . Allow our friendly and knowledgeable drivers to deliver a memorable tour, while our office team ensures your booking needs are met quickly and easily.

  • Our drivers are fleunt with English but we can provide Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, German and many other language speaking guides and drivers.