Adventure Activities in Auckland

Sky Jump and Sky Walk

Located smack dab in the middle of Auckland’s Central Business District is New Zealand’s tallest building. Standing 328m high, the Sky Tower is an icon of Auckland’s sky line and is the adrenaline hub of the city. When you head over to the bustling SKYCITY Plaza, you know you’re in for something seriously exciting. Now it’s up to you whether to look or leap.

Auckland Bridge Bungy 

Old meets new – the most enduring sight on the Auckland horizon is also home to a Bungy operation of epic proportions. Our Bungy Pod is attached underneath the bridge, and is ready to go for thrill-seekers looking for a buzz in New Zealand’s biggest city. You can even dip your head in the ocean below, bouncing back up feeling fierce and unstoppable.

Auckland Bridge Climb 

Old meets new – the most enduring sight on the Auckland horizon is also home to a Bungy operation of epic proportions. Our Bungy Pod is attached underneath the bridge, and is ready to go for thrill-seekers looking for a buzz in New Zealand’s biggest city. You can even dip your head in the ocean below, bouncing back up feeling fierce and unstoppable.

Adventure Activities in Bay of Islands

Scuba Diving or Snorkelling in Paihia

The reef diving in the Bay of Islands is completely different from anywhere were else in the world. We have a blended zone with tropical fish brought down to our temperate environment, so often we hear it called sub-tropical. 

Parasailing in Paihia/ Russell

You won’t believe how peaceful and quiet it is over the Bay of Islands. Just sit back relax and enjoy the amazing sceneries at 1300ft of line.

On a clear day you might see the “hole in the rock’ and the outer Islands past Russell. We regularly have dolphins, Orca’s and other marine mammals visiting the Bay so keep your eyes out. You might see different current lines in the water and sail boats pass underneath you.

Or hang upside down in our custom made harnesses to get the Adrenalin option if it is too peaceful and beautiful for you.

Adventure Activities in Rotorua, Waitomo, Coromandel and Taupo

Rotorua Canopy Tour

The Original Canopy Tour zipline adventure is a mind-blowing experience, and a must-do for every kiwi!

Be absorbed by the beauty and the excitement on this 3-hour award winning experience, perfect for all ages.

Kaituna River Rafting 


Join the Original Kaituna Rafting Company for an unbeatable grade 5 white-water experience on one of New Zealand's most exciting and beautiful rivers!

Experience the thrills and spills of the Mighty Kaituna River as we take on the world famous 7 metre Tutea Falls, the highest commercially rafted waterfall.

Together with your expert guide, your team will enjoy a 50 minute action packed ride down 14 epic rapids in a tight and twisting warm water jungle canyon.

This is a white water enthusiasts dream and is a must do for adrenaline junkies and 1st time rafters alike!


Superman dive into the OGO on your own or have one, two or three friends in there together as you slip, slide and laugh your way down the 250m long slope where you come to a gentle stop. There are two straight OGO tracks side by side. Tour concludes approximately 1 hour after commencement, at OGO Rotorua base.

Velocity Valley

Experience the world’s first ever commercial jetsprint – launching around our custom-designed course at 100km/h and 3Gs of force. Live out those James Bond chase scene fantasies in New Zealand’s fastest jet sprint.

Experience Velocity Valley’s biggest adrenaline rush! Take the ultimate leap of faith from 43m – with New Zealand’s best value bungy! It’s called terminal velocity cos when you fall…well, you can work it out.

Soar like a bird, spinning, rolling and flipping above a 220km/h wind tunnel. Feel your face contort as you freefall for longer than a standard skydive.

Travel up to 50km/h in suspended aerodynamic racing pods for 3 laps around 600m of track. Who is the fastest? The race is on.

Strap yourself into the human swing and be hoisted 40m into the sky – then hold your breath as you go from 0-130km/h in 1 second. All the fun of your favourite playground swing, times a million.

Black Abyss

On this 5-hour adventure, you’ll abseil to the depths of the earth, zip line through a glow worm studded cave, climb underground waterfalls and tube through fast-flowing waters.

Black Labyinth

Float down an underground river, slip into fast waters, jump off waterfalls and take in the magic of the glow worm studded Ruakuri Cave, on this 3-hour adventure.

Coromandel: Cathedral Cove Dive and Snorkel

Just over 2 hours drive south of Auckland lies some of New Zealand's finest scenery - both above and under the water. The islands, pinnacles and volcanic coastline of the Cathedral Cove and Hahei area offers divers, snorkelers and sightseers untouched and breathtaking scenery.

Dive Trips are running everyday throughout the summer, sea & weather permitting, and many days through the winter. All level of divers welcomed and catered for. The "Mekong Rose" is ideal for all aspects of diving. Charters welcome.

The Snorkel Trips are ideal for the non certified diver to get into the water under the guidance of one of our instructors and experience the under water world without doing the full PADI course. 

Taupo Tandem Skydive

See for yourself why skydiving is the ultimate bucket-list activity! Jump with Taupo Tandem Skydiving and know you are skydiving with the best in New Zealand. We have the best priced skydive in New Zealand, with jump heights from 9,000 ft, 12,000 ft15,000 ft or 18,500 ft. Choose your height, get ready to jump, and experience the surreal feeling of freefalling!

Taupo Bungy ​& Swing

Turn up the heat with a Bungy or Swing in the heart of Aotearoa’s geothermal region. Hanging off a cliff-top high over the Waikato River is Taupō Bungy and Swing. Famed for its awe-inspiring location, it provides all the adventure and adrenaline you’ll ever need and only five minutes from central Taupō.

Adventure Activities in Queenstown

Nevis Catapult

Kawarau Zipride

Kawarau Bridge Bungy

Ledge Bungy

Nevis Bungy

Ledge Swing

Skydive in Queenstown


It takes a certain kind of person to jump from an aircraft at 15,000ft into thin air. It takes courage.

Expect sensory overload as your mind, body and soul fight against every natural self-preserving urge. The challenge is immense. Harnessed by space age materials to an experienced qualified Jumpmaster, you step out of that aircraft door and for some 60 seconds, you plummet toward the ground at 200 kph - terminal velocity!

Shotover Jet boating

The only way to experience our Canyons, see their beauty and feel their power, is to come on a journey with us, the world’s most exciting jet boat ride. A unique combination of beauty and power, it’s an experience like no other, blending pristine natural landscape with wall to wall canyon action from start to finish!

Dart River Cruise – Funyark

Your Funyak journey begins with an exhilarating jet boat ride from Glenorchy up the Dart River deep into the heart of the world-renowned Mt Aspiring National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience exciting 360 degree spins along the way as you marvel at the untouched beauty of this location, inaccessible by other means. Learn about Pounamu and the long-standing history of the area.

After your jet boat ride, you will travel back down stream with our expert guides in our unique Funyaks (inflatable kayaks) steering your way through pristine waters as they flow from the Southern Alps to Lake Whakatipu. Explore channels and side-streams in this spectacular wilderness location and witness the native flora and fauna of the area.

Just when you think your Funyak journey is over, you will enjoy a gourmet buffet lunch in the wilderness before heading home via 4 wheel drive coach to explore locations used in movies ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’.

This action-packed full day of exploration gets you away from the hustle and bustle of Queenstown to experience the natural, untouched wilderness New Zealand is so famous for. With free transport and only a 45 minute, breathtaking drive from Queenstown, what are you waiting for?

Coronet Peak Paragliding

After a few steps down a gentle slope, experience the thrill of paragliding, a must do in Queenstown. You will be harnessed into your comfortable front row seat with your experienced tandem pilot taking the controls. Have an exhilarating joy ride or a relaxed scenic flight.
Our higher take off option is from Rocky Gully. It gives us the opportunity for more aerobatics – more of those spins and turns in the air – for the thrill seekers. If you want a gentle tandem flight but still take off higher, this is also for you.

Hydro Attack 

You’re inside what feels like a cross between a fighter jet and a torpedo.

It’s skimming across the top of the lake at 80kph then it dives under the water, surrounding you in serene liquid blue.

Next your pilot points the shark at the sky and it blasts back out again, straight up into the air before shattering the lake into a million crystal shards on a screaming re-entry.

Whatever else you’ve done in the name of extreme excitement, nothing has prepared you for a ride in the shark.

Hydro Attack is the world’s first commercial operator of these unique semi-submersible machines so while you’re in Queenstown don’t miss your chance to have a go.

Adventure Activities in Franz Josef

Heli Hike 

A first-hand exploration of a glacier by chopper, seeing only what experienced mountaineers can reach is a wilderness experience you’ll never forget.  

From our Franz Josef Village base, you’ll fly up to the Franz Josef Glacier in the Westland National Park. You’ll land on a section of this 12km long glacier where we’ve made a daily safety assessment of the conditions on this fast-moving ice flow. Equipped with glacier boots and crampons you’ll walk for two hours amongst the ice formations and pinnacles and see first-hand the extraordinary colours of the ice-flow.  Touch the ice, breathe in the fresh air.